12 Angry Men of the Zodiac

Seeewwww, I tweeted awhile back that it would be funny if somebody did this, and then I realized *I* could do it! Hope you enjoy.

Of course, 12 ANGRY MEN stans, it’s much more likely that this jury contained a couple zodiac repeats, with a sign or two left out, than that each of the twelve slotted perfectly into a place on the wheel. But I found it an interesting challenge to force all of them into signs since there are twelve of them. (And hey, if you’re feeling generous you can allow for rising signs and other prominent placements.) Bonus audio below, and below each picture.

JUROR 1 (Martin Balsam): Virgo

JUROR 2 (John Fiedler): Cancer

JUROR 3 (Lee J. Cobb): Leo

JUROR 4 (E.G. Marshall): Capricorn

JUROR 5 (Jack Klugman): Scorpio

JUROR 6 (Edward Binns): Taurus

JUROR 7 (Jack Warden): Sagittarius

JUROR 8 (Henry Fonda): Libra

JUROR 9 (Joseph Sweeney): Pisces

JUROR 10 (Ed Begley): Aries

JUROR 11 (George Voskovec): Aquarius

JUROR 12 (Robert Webber): Gemini

My last thought is that I hope this inspires some people to watch the movie who have never seen it before. Even with all these spoilers, it is eminently worth your time. xox

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