It’s Monday! I have a few more artworks to share, and I also just wanted to write something here to say hi. For the past while–a long time, actually, like over a year–I have been feeling very conflicted about my own creativity. When I was younger, I never thought I’d be this way; I knew people who sometimes expressed these feelings and I didn’t get it. Feelings of not wanting to bother creating, because it didn’t matter, because it would not change anything.

I think it’s incorrect that “art” (or whatever we do) doesn’t change anything. Most crucially it changes you, the one making it. And that should be enough… no? Understand that I conclude this now, blogging here after days of trying to decide whether it would be “worth it” to blog. Guess I’m just still trying to understand what I’m scared of, what I have to lose by just writing/blogging/expressing.

Regardless, I am grateful to my past self for starting this site so I have a place to go.

Two Binturong in their habitat
This was smudged by accident
I put this one on the playlist of my radio show this week! See it here.
The birds are grooming him

Quarantine Art (COVID-19)

Hi, all! I came down with the virus. I’m posting this on day 19, while I’m feeling like I’m on the road to recovery. It was rough, I tell ya, and I suspect it’s not over. Still, I’m extremely grateful that I am doing so much better today than a week ago. Nothing like being very, very, very sick to remind one how great it feels to be only slightly sick.

While I was going through some of the more intense days of the illness, I made drawings. The act of drawing calmed me and helped me focus on something fun. It still will, so I plan to draw more as these isolation daze drag further on. But I thought you might like to see the ones I have so far.

Flower and sheep
Flower pattern
Pig that wants ice cream
Dachshund, plus another pattern
Stars. When I did this I visualized my immune system sending good particles through my blood.
Inspired by Nadia the tiger who tested positive for COVID at the Bronx Zoo
Sugar lump dream