Two nights ago I didn’t sleep. It was the noise: choppers, bullhorns, small explosions. A voice screaming, “Stay together!” Sirens. More choppers. The windows at my temporary house were flung wide open. With my still-weak lungs, the fresh air makes it easier to breathe. I was gulping down the air and listening. The sounds of a falling civilization.

Last night I slept, aided by a long playlist of forest SFX. Rain and owls blended with sirens and cracks and shouts in my dreams. I think I’m recovering. My symptoms are easing, ever so slightly. Having been awake two days and a night, I didn’t need my sedative.

Tonight, will I sleep? I don’t know if I will want to.

My heart is with all who are out there marching, defying curfew, and staying together.

Also? FTP.