Idle No More!

Hi, friends! Welcome to my site. I have been thinking for a long time about starting it, but today’s the day. I really hope you enjoy what I’ll be puttin’ down (this is slang for “presenting” or “revealing,” used in relation to a creative work). You can expect content about dogs, cats, and other animals; about the dog walking/pet care profession; and about living here in the city. I will record my voice, talking about stuff, and sometimes I’ll include other media like photos and drawings. OH YES AND I’LL BE DISCUSSING POP CULTURE!

Today was a cool, rainy day here in August, and I enjoyed it quite a lot–though this week is suddenly almost barren of work, and I would have enjoyed the cool weather more if I weren’t kind of anxious about $$$. Dog walkers are always at the mercy of sudden schedule changes. August tends to be a big month for these, as dog owners go on vacation out of the city and don’t know when they’ll be back, or sometimes they do know but forget to notify us. It is what it is. I have never done cancellation fees, because I feel like they’d eat away at the dog walker-client relationship. At bottom it’s a good-faith arrangement.

During my one long break in the day, between a walk in Chelsea and another near Washington Square Park, I sat in the AIDS memorial park under a tree and watched a flock of sparrows. I really just sat and watched them: I was bored of looking at my phone, and they were much more interesting anyway. They approached people, slyly, trying not to look like they wanted food; then one would get a piece of food and fly away with it or fight over it with another bird. I just sat there, with the luxury of free time, enjoying this and it underscored for me yet again how important it is for me to be near animals. I am most comfortable when surrounded by animals, I thought.

Definitely a simplistic notion, but it felt good to affirm that to myself.

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