Quarantine Art (COVID-19)

Hi, all! I came down with the virus. I’m posting this on day 19, while I’m feeling like I’m on the road to recovery. It was rough, I tell ya, and I suspect it’s not over. Still, I’m extremely grateful that I am doing so much better today than a week ago. Nothing like being very, very, very sick to remind one how great it feels to be only slightly sick.

While I was going through some of the more intense days of the illness, I made drawings. The act of drawing calmed me and helped me focus on something fun. It still will, so I plan to draw more as these isolation daze drag further on. But I thought you might like to see the ones I have so far.

Flower and sheep
Flower pattern
Pig that wants ice cream
Dachshund, plus another pattern
Stars. When I did this I visualized my immune system sending good particles through my blood.
Inspired by Nadia the tiger who tested positive for COVID at the Bronx Zoo
Sugar lump dream

5 Replies to “Quarantine Art (COVID-19)”

  1. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. Looking forward to hearing you sing along to nearly anything. Peace and health to you and yours.

    Also known as Stevel on the playlists.

  2. Amanda, I love your drawings! The tiger with the meat hovering above is very nice, it reminds me that there is a New York steak in the fridge I should cook before it starts to stink. You are at home? Is some one looking in on you? How is your appetite? I have been working on a comic at the kitchen table that keeps me away from outside temptation. I spent the weekend in my pajamas drawing. I feel lucky that one of my main concerns is running out of the art supplies I depend on. Get well soon and keep drawing.

    1. Thanks! I’m home and my partner is with me–we have some friends and family checking on us, too. Happy to say my appetite is returning, stronger each day, which feels good.

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